Want media attention for your biz? Summer is the BEST time to make a pitch!

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Ahhhh the lazy days of summer are just around the corner. Time to kick back and put up your feet...BUT wait, not if you’re a small business owner looking for media attention.

Now is NOT the time to relax because it’s one of the best times of the year to pitch your business to the media.

While it’s true that life slows down during the summer months, the pace also slows down in newsrooms. There is less happening in the city (there are only so many festivals you can fill a newscast with) and reporters and producers are looking for fresh content.

This means they are more likely to pay a little extra attention to pitches they wouldn’t normally consider at other times of the year.


Like everyone else, a lot of the regular reporters and producers take vacation during the summer months. Their positions are filled with freelance staff, junior reporters and sometimes even interns wanting to make their mark with unique story.


Tune in, listen and watch who is new on the roster and target your pitches accordingly.


So if getting media attention is on your radar - now is the time to start pitching. Don’t wait until the fall to get going.


And if you need some extra help, book in a free 45 minute consult with me where we can discuss strategy and story ideas. I love sharing my ideas!


Enjoy your weekend, I’m off to get another refreshing drink. :)