3 Ways to Pitch to the Media Like You are Applying for a Job

If you’ve heard me speak, you have likely heard me say that pitching your business to the media is like applying for a job. It’s about positioning your story or segment idea to show the media ‘what’s in it for them.’ Or, it’s very similar to writing a cover letter for a job application. (I don’t miss doing those! Entrepreneur life is waay better).

So here are three ways you can start crafting better story pitches now.

1. Read, watch and listen.

You would never go to a job interview without knowing more about the company you are applying to, similarly don’t ever send a pitch to media you haven’t previously read, watched or listened to. Your pitch will likely fall flat because you wouldn’t have done your homework to figure out if your expertise is a good fit.

2. Customize, customize, customize

I can’t stress this enough. Dear sir/madam never worked in a cover letter and it sure won’t work if you are sending an email to a reporter or producer. Address your pitch to a reporter or producer that is likely to cover your area of expertise. If you’ve done your homework (see number 1), this should be simple.

3. Follow up at the appropriate time

Like a job interview, following-up after sending a pitch to the media is always a good idea. Avoid reaching out on a Monday when everyone is getting settled back into the routine for the week and the same goes for Fridays. Most people have mentally checked out and are ready for the weekend.

So the next time you are crafting a pitch (summer is one of the best times), approach it like you are applying for a job. After all, you are still selling your expertise and your business.