How My Client Nailed Her First Media Appearance on a National Talk Show

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Nothing makes me prouder than seeing my clients succeed and Janine Holmes is no exception.

Janine is a celebrity makeup artist (she’s worked with Gaga and the PM to name a few), beauty expert and founder of I Do! Beauty Co.. She  came out strong with her first media appearance on a Canadian national talk show.



She appeared multiple times on CBC’s The Goods and is currently doing beauty videos for that will start appearing at the end  of June.

Janine’s fun and easy-going personality (trust me, check her Insta Stories out @idobeautyco), professionalism and exceptional skill level contributed to her success. I was thrilled to be part of the journey.

I asked her to share more about what it was like doing beauty segments for The Good’s and how working together helped her succeed:

1. Janine, what was it like appearing on a national talk show for your first official media appearance as a beauty expert?

Honestly...I was scared sh*tless! But I have to say you were incredible to work with and you gave me all the tools I needed to feel confident and to make a great impression. I knew exactly what to expect and how to properly present my material which made for a very successful segment.  The host of The Goods, Jessi Cruickshank, immediately asked me to come back for another appearance, so I knew I had done something right!

2. How did media coaching help you succeed?

You really helped me understand the language of the media world.  It’s not something that is known unless you work in the industry. You made me think more about ‘buzz’ words and topics that make for great TV.  I also had fun putting together my media kit. It was something I would have never known how to do without guidance.

3. What opportunities have opened up for you since?

Since my appearance on CBC’s The Goods, I have had several other opportunities come my way.  I just filmed a few makeup and hair videos for the popular lifestyle website I am also a regular beauty contributor for DFYNE Fitness Magazine. I think my appearance on television has put me on a platform where I am now viewed not only as a makeup artist, but also as an expert in my field. Being on television has built my credibility and clients are more willing to book with me and my company because of it.

4. What would you say to anyone on the fence about whether media coaching can help their business?  

Just do it! It is scary and it’s likely stepping out of your comfort zone, but it really makes a huge difference to have an expert help you understand the complicated world of media.

I think of media coaching as another skill set to add to my portfolio.  I invested in me and my business, and it has really paid off. It was the missing piece of the puzzle. I knew I would be good in front of the camera, I have been in my industry for well over 15 years so I am a qualified expert….I just didn’t know how to properly present myself to the media.  I now have all the tools to make those connections and to make any others in the future.

Congrats again to Janine! The sky is the limit for her. If you are interested in learning what media coaching can do for your business, reach out to book a free consult. I'm at