In three years I made three babies


A lot has happened in three years. Since 2015 I gave birth to two (real) babies and launched a business - my third baby. If you are a mom with a business, you know this is the equivalent to having two full-time jobs. So this weekend I took some time to celebrate She's Newsworthy's third birthday. Part of that celebration included reflecting on the journey and lessons I have learned along the way.

Here are 5 things you likely didn't know about my journey in business: 

  1. There were many people who doubted (and still doubt) my vision. I got many people questioning "my plan," and questioning the value of my service. I didn't let those voices get to me, instead I hunkered down and kept on building.

  2. My partner has never doubted my success and has always been 100% supportive, even if he didn't quite understand where it was going to all end up. He had faith in me and my big idea. His support is a large part of my success formula. 

  3. I've had to learn to be more open and vulnerable when it comes to sharing my personal story. I'm very private about my family and personal life, but I also understand that opening up helps me connect better with my audience. 

  4. I finally understand the concept of "you can't be everything to everybody." I now decide who I choose to work with and when, and because of this I've attracted so many phenomenal clients. Part of this concept is also learning when to say no. I'm still practicing this skill - but it's definitely getting easier. 

  5. I made giving back part of my business model. I've had women land interviews after a free 30 minute consult with me. I'm proud to say that I strive to offer as much value as possible, whether it's in a consult, workshop, masterclass or webinar.

As I look forward to the next three years I am excited for all the opportunities that are to come. I'm growing in ways that I never even imagined and checking off goals and setting new ones. I And I can't wait to share it all with you!