Are you sending your media pitch to the wrong person?


A few days ago a Toronto PR company sent me an invite for a media reveal of a restaurant and I was reminded how important it is to send a story pitch to the right person.

I was invited to attend the event to sample yummy food, check out the new digs and of course interview the owners. Sounds great right? But I was puzzled as to why I received the invite. 

While I've worked as a journalist for over 15 years, I haven't been on-air at the CBC since the summer of 2017. And when I was at the CBC -- I was reporting on traffic and transit. Covering food was not my "beat." 

Do you see where I'm going with all of this?

I was sent a pitch that was not customized for me. I am not currently on-air AND food is not something I would cover. I mean, there has been some weird food spills on the highway that have caused traffic chaos...but I digress.

So how do you figure out who to send your pitch to and if they are the right person? It's really simple. Read, listen and watch the media you are pitching to - BEFORE you hit send.

Do some google searches as well as looking closely at twitter bios - every journalist is on twitter. 

Taking the time to customize your pitch and send it to the right person means you have greater chances of the recipient hitting 'reply' instead of 'delete.'

Happy pitching!