YES, Even I pitch my expertise to the media

Nneka Elliott, Meera Estrada, Jennifer Singh (me!), The Sandy Lion 

Nneka Elliott, Meera Estrada, Jennifer Singh (me!), The Sandy Lion 

Did you catch it? I made my BIG debut in mainstream media last week. Yes, I've been on-camera for years and in front of the microphone, but this time it was different. Instead of firing the questions, I was the one being interviewed.

I was invited into studio by the lovely ladies of Kultur'd on Global New Radio 640 Toronto last week to chat about the lack of diversity on panels. 

The pop culture and diversity show is the first of its kind. The hosts cover mainstream topics and facilitate soulful discussions all through a diversity lens. 

Because I am a woman of colour - diversity is really important to me, so when the show launched earlier this year I knew it was a perfect platform to showcase my expertise.

After all a large part of why I started She's Newsworthy is to help amplify the voices of women in the media because we are underrepresented compared to males being quoted on-air. 

In order to get on the show though, I had to pitch a story idea - just like I suggest to my clients. And then it day I was scrolling through my social media feed and I noticed a post from a notable CEO taking a stance against sitting on a panel with "all white women" (her words, not mine). 

I saw this as a PERFECT opportunity to weight in on the topic because most times when I attend networking events or panel discussions I don't see myself reflected in the experts featured.

I knew this discussion would be welcome on a show like Kultur'd, I pulled my pitch together, sent it over and as they say the rest is history. 

You can listen to the entire show and my interview here and if you need help pulling a pitch together for a great story idea, reach out. I will be happy to help!