Should you go in-studio for a media interview?

Tara Norton, Ultraman World Champion

Tara Norton, Ultraman World Champion

When clients need to prepare for a media interview there is often a question that keeps coming up over and over during my media coaching calls.

Once clients have sent their story pitch to the media, the producer or host sometimes gives them an option of doing the interview in-studio or at a location off-site. 

So I thought I would share some of the behind the scenes advice here.

I ALWAYS recommend going into studio for an interview. That may mean changing your work schedule, arranging for childcare and sometimes battling traffic. 

However it is 100% worth it, here's why.

1. A better interview experience

If you are newbie to media interviews (99% of my clients are) it's better to go in-studio because you will have a better connection with the person conducting the interview. In an age where social media is taking over the world (haha), nothing beats an in-person connection. The interview will also go much smoother. Win-win.

2. The sound and video quality will be much better

Sometimes a radio producer will give you the option to call in your interview over the phone - a landline! But going in-studio means you will sound WAY better because of the technology. After all, you want the audio quality to be optimal when you are sharing your interview on your social channels.

Also if you are doing a TV interview like my client from Team Atomica, sitting next to the host and having visuals run in the background simply looks amazing. Coach Tara had the option of doing her CTV interview from the Queen Street location in downtown Toronto or trekking up to the Scarborough location. Guess what she chose to do? Yup, she went up to Scarborough. Sharing a video like this with her community increases credibility instantly.

3. It's about building relationships

There are SO many people trying to get their businesses on TV--and the media knows this. So when you make the extra special effort to go in-studio it sets you apart from the crowd. I've had producers specifically tell me how wonderful clients were because they made the effort to go in-studio for the sake of sound quality. And guess what? Client's like these get called on time and time again to do media interviews because a little bit of etiquette can go a long way.