How to follow-up on a media pitch

While there is a lot of strategy that goes into pitching a story that the media wants to cover, there is one KEY component that is also super important. It's something a LOT of people forget to do, but it's so simple. 

Always follow-up after sending a pitch!

Reporters and producers are busy. They are being pulled in a thousand directions and working on multiple deadlines at the same time. (Sounds a lot like being a mom, except you get to eat and pee in peace!).

If you spend all your time and energy crafting the perfect pitch and don't follow-up you have essentially wasted your time - which we know is super valuable.

So when and how do you follow-up on a media pitch?

You always want to follow-up on a pitch you sent mid-week. Not on a Monday when everyone is getting back into the grove of the work week and definitely not on a Friday when everyone has mentally checked out for the week. There is an exception to this rule. If you know you are pitching to the media and they specifically work weekends, sending a follow-up email on a Friday is totally okay.

Hop on Twitter before you hit send
Before you think about hitting send, hop on Twitter to find out what is trending in your city. Toronto and the GTA had a huge snowstorm this week, so ALL the media was covering it. Don't send a follow-up when there is other major breaking news or it will likely get ignored. 

So next time you send a pitch and hear crickets, don't be afraid to follow-up. It may make the difference of whether or not you land that national media interview.