What if I don't have a story to pitch to the media?

This question comes up time and time again. You know the value of media coverage for your business but you are left scratching your head on what do to next because you don’t think you have a story to tell.

I say this wholeheartedly, you are 100% wrong because everyone has a story. We know that we are all here in this moment in time because of our life experiences, our passions, our business. It may sound like a lot of fluff, but that’s exactly where you start when trying to figure out what story to pitch to the media.

Whenever I work with clients one-on-one we start with an in-depth strategy session so we can take a look at the big picture before diving into the media stuff. I always ask two simple questions: how do you help people and why are you so passionate about what you do?

Those two tiny questions are the starting point to unlocking a wealth of story ideas. The answers also serve as an anchor so that you stay true to your brand and only pitch stories that feel truly authentic. That’s what going to give you longevity instead of a short 15 seconds (or 15 minutes if you are lucky) of fame.