Behind the scenes of a media interview

Reporting live for CP24 and 680 News in Toronto

Reporting live for CP24 and 680 News in Toronto

We all know it, people LOVE seeing behind the scenes images of where you work and play. The collage above is me reporting live (and dancing) for CP24 Breakfast as well as reporting in studio for 680 News. Pretty cool, eh? 

Earlier this week I shared on my instagram stories the reason why you need to take TONS of videos and photo just like the ones above before you do a media interview interview. 

It’s all about sharing SOCIAL proof. If it isn’t posted, it’s almost like it never happened. Images of you getting ready for your media interview can be shared on your social channels, like Insta, Facebook and Twitter. It will boost your credibility and for sure get you noticed.

But most people get overwhelmed with the interview process (coaching can help with this), so I always suggest pausing and enjoying all the messy moments before and after by documenting it with photos. You may even get stuck on what to share, but it’s really easy when you think about it.

Capturing images of picking out outfits, travelling to the location, the green room, the studio and even pics with the reporter or anchor doing the interview are great bets. These are all great examples of behind the scenes of a media interview.

After you have captured so many awesome photo, now what? Like I mentioned you want to share on your social channels. But there is one way that your views can be AMPLIFIED and you can reach a much wider audience than even a FACEBOOK ad.

Yup, that's right, this is exactly what happened to one of my client's recently. Her media interview was posted on CTV News Channel’s Facebook page and in less than two weeks has reached almost 10 THOUSAND VIEWS. This was partly due to the fact that she has also shared the video on LinkedIn and she has a wide network there as well.

Personally, I find that it’s also super effective to post media interviews in email newsletters. I did this when I was interviewed in the summer for a local radio show and I had people who were following me for months start to reach out — they wanted to work with me.

That’s pretty amazing if you think about it. I already have tons of media exposure because I reported for CBC, Global and CP24, but being interview as an expert also carries weight too.

So next time you book a media interview, it pays off to think strategically about the process as a whole and document it as you go along!