CBC Metro Morning interview

Client Courtney McLeod of Kick Ass Coaching!

Client Courtney McLeod of Kick Ass Coaching!

Every time a client books a media interview, I do a little happy dance. My client Courtney McLeod was on CBC’s Metro Morning this week because an inspirational talk of hers has gone viral. “When You’re Told You’re Not Enough,” has been viewed almost THREE MILLION TIMES - making Courtney VERY newsworthy.

Like a majority of the women bosses I work with, Courtney has never done a media interview before this week. Her interview with CBC radio went off without a hitch and that was in part due to the solid prep work we did before. Here is some of what we covered:

  1. Ask lots of questions before you get into studio. Usually a producer or sometimes the host will contact you directly to set up the logistics. This is the time you want to ask lots of questions including the length of the interview, the topics that will be covered and whether or not they need any other personal photos of videos for the story or segment.

  2. Do your research and find out more about the person that will be interviewing you. (You will know who you will be chatting with because you’ve already done step one above, right?). Finding out more about the person can give you clues about their interviewing styles or even their interest. And I say knowledge is power, so it’s nice to know more about who you will be speaking with.

  3. Watch and listen to the show or program you will be on. This is a super obvious (to me at least), but not the case all the time. Just like when you interview for a job, you want to know the most about the station, the types of stories they do as well as the flow of the show or program. This will help you get an idea of what to expect once in studio and calm those nerves.

So whether you doing a media interview for the first time like Courtney, or you already have a few under your belt, doing the right prep work will always set you up for success!