Media not responding to your pitch? Here's why


Stumped as to why your story pitch didn't get a response? There could be dozens of reasons, but these three are the most common I see happen over and over again:

1. You sent your pitch to the wrong person

It's easy to think that you can cast a wide net and hope to get a bite or two, but that's not strategic and doesn't yield results.

Research the media you are sending your pitch to. That means read, listen and watch. If you don't have cable (which a lot of people don't nowadays), hop online and watch the media on their websites. 

If you are a health expert, send your pitch to a health reporter. If you have great stories about technology, send your pitch to a tech reporter and so on.

2.  You buried the headline

Last year I was working with a client and the most interesting element of her pitch (a local designer once dressed Beyonce) was at the BOTTOM of the pitch. 

You have to capture the attention of the reporter or producer immediately. Don't waste time, draw them in right away with an interesting hook. 

3. Your forgot to check spelling and grammar

Like a cover letter, a story pitch is a reflection of your abilities to do a killer interview. If you can't distinguish between "than" or "then" and "your" and "you're,” your message will get lost.

Read your pitch out loud and get an expert to double check spelling and grammar.