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"Jennifer gave me a huge confidence boost and easy-to-follow tips for success to improve my delivery, body language, mannerisms, style and makeup. As a result, I am doing even more videos for my business, attracting new customers and now coaching my team on the power of video and connecting with the camera."  ~ Samantha Moonsammy, Founder, Events By Startfish             

A media interview is a great opportunity to get exposure for your business, but it can be a nerve-wracking experience if you are not prepared. Take control of the situation by following these 7 tips...Read more

Newsrooms are busy places. They function on a lot of caffeine and adrenaline. So it's easy for reporters and producers to hit the delete button when a story pitch breaks the following rules...Read more

You just got off the phone and confirmed an interview with a local media outlet. The only catch is the reporter has a tight deadline and you have less than ten minutes to put together an outfit...Read more

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