If you have a fabulous business and would love to be featured on TV, heard on the radio, and read online by thousands but don’t know where to start, media coaching can help. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You don’t know how to start building relationships with reporters and producers
  • You see other experts in your field doing interviews all the time and wonder how they made this happen
  • Every time you send a press release to the media you hear crickets
  • You land an interview, but can't figure out how to become an expert the media relies on regularly for features and commentary

The list continues, but let's face it, unless you are an industry expert navigating the media industry can be confusing, time-consuming and downright daunting!


My name is Jennifer Singh and I am a broadcast journalist, media coach and social media specialist. I help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop media skills so they can build their brand, attract new clients and increase media attention. We work together to establish your brand goals before delving into training. Next up is learning how to take your story idea and turn it into a pitch that the media can’t resist. Last we take all that hard work and make it come to life by practicing delivering your story in front of a camera.


I have worked in media industry for 15 years and reported and produced for several of Canada’s major media outlets including the CBC, CTV, Global and CP24. I have covered news, lifestyle and entertainment stories. I know how to pitch stories that get call-backs, how to speak in sound-bites so your message makes the final cut, and what it takes to become a media expert reporters rely on. Whether you are preparing for an interview that is live, taped, in-studio or in the field, my expert training is invaluable!